Artist's Voice Newsletter

Gallery Art Reception and Party on Saturday, December 2nd at 5pm  No General Meeting in December
 January Gallery Show – ‘Hero’ – Bring –In Wednesday, January 3rd , 2018 – 4pm to 6pm
Small Treasures’ – Any unsold artwork can be picked up on January 3, 2018 from 4-6pm 

 2018 January 6th, 2018 - Gallery Art Reception ‘Hero’ – 5pm

Beyond Our Walls’ - We’re delighted that two PRAA members, Deb Hofstetter and Steve Crouch, have accepted the responsibility of the ‘Beyond Our Walls’ opportunity. A sincere thank you to Deprise Brescia for managing this opportunity over the last few years, providing members a chance to show and sell their artwork. Janice Pluma initiated ’Art Beyond Our Walls’ and PRAA’s relationship with Odyssey World Café, and member volunteers have kept it going. The Odyssey’s owners appreciate the artists and the food is great. To get on the list and show your artwork, contact Steve Crouch at

 In the New Year 2018, each Guild is asked to host a gallery show. Why? More members need to be involved in the operations of the organization for PRAA to continue.
 The Photo Guild is asked to Host February 2018, Theme is ‘Open Artist’s Choice’.
  The Painter’s Guild is asked to Host March 2018, Theme is ‘Light’.
 The Pastel Guild is asked to Host May 2018 Theme is ‘Color’
 What does hosting a gallery show mean?

-Provide advertising?Yes, provide some of the advertising - Provide a picture for the show theme and two sentences describing the show to VP by middle of the show’s previous month. Note: The VP and President currently edit and post to website, and communicate to Studios for advertising. Guild Identify PRAA members to take photos of the art in the gallery, art reception and post to PRAA Facebook page. Ask members to tag their photos. Note: Visitors have come into the gallery asking to buy the art they saw on Facebook.

-Find the judge: Yes - Secure the judge.  Have judge provide their bio and email to VP in advance of show to advertise  Email name of judge to President to secure payment  Arrange to meet with the Judge in the Gallery as the judge makes choices.  Prepare Award Ribbons for Art Reception.  Arrange for judge to be at First Saturday art reception and announce choices  Introduce judge at art reception- there are printed instructions ‘ Gallery Awards Judge Process’

-Bring-in: Support Bring In  Observe and participate in data input of artist / artwork and printing of labels  Provide list of artworks and artist for docent binder to track sales  Observe and participate in docent scheduling 

-Hang Show: Yes – Secure members to hang the show for the gallery opening

-Take Down Show: Yes – Secure members to take the show down and sign out artworks.

Many Members have already hosted their own shows. This is the time for members to share experience and ensure that more members understand ‘How To’ operate the gallery. In January 2018, Susan Naughton will manage the ‘Hero’ show. Kindly give Susan your support!  To email Susan - 

Studios is open daily and visitors tell us that PRAA is a unique space. Visitors wish they had something like PRAA where they live. Thank you volunteers, Docents and Artists, for your time and interest in this Arts Community. Volunteers have operated PRAA since 1949.

Good News for the Arts - The economic impact of the arts in SLO County has been published and shows that the Arts have a significant, positive impact on the local economy. Come to the January General Meeting to find out more. General Meeting – 10 am – on Saturday, January 20th 2018, the third Saturday of the month – short business session and an interactive demonstration. Thank You Steve Crouch, Program Director for scheduling great artists.

Why would you want to participate? Members participate to develop in the arts as individuals, enjoy friendships and contribute to the Arts Community. Hopefully participate to have FUN!

Call for PRAA member volunteers:  Submit monthly PRAA events to the Paso Daily and Down Town news  Photograph Art receptions for use in Social Media and News  Manage PRAA Fundraisers – o Art in the Park Paso Robles – April 28-29, 2018 Note: the April show theme in the Gallery is ‘California Local’ more information at the January 2018 General Meeting on January 20th 2018. o Small Treasures and Winter Treasures - November - December 2018 Interested? Contact

2018 Gallery Show Themes: January ‘Hero’,  February ‘Open Artist Choice’, March ‘Light’ April ‘California Local’,  May ‘Color’,  June ‘Blue’,  July ‘What Matters’,  August ‘Beauty’,  September ‘Contrast’,  October ‘Shadows’,  November ‘Small Treasures’ Open Theme, December ‘Winter Treasures’ Open Theme, 

Some members have not been receiving PRAA’s monthly newsletter, please share your newsletter with friends to make sure they are in the know!
 Keep Creating and Enjoy Life,
Carlota Santa Cruz, PRAA President 2016 – 2018