Paso Robles Art Association 1130 Pine St, Paso Robles CA  Phone: (805) 712-4555

Nancy Haglund


Oct 3 - Dec 3



Morning frost sparkles like diamonds and fireflies twinkle like stars. Art Association artists create visions of “All That Glitters” in their November gallery show.

Dec 4 - Dec 31



Open Themed Exhibit /Non-Judged. Artists are encouraged to exhibit their favorite pieces in this final exhibit of the year.

2019 Paso Robles Art Association Exhibits

November– All That Glitters

Artist Bring In October 30, 2019

Opening Reception November 2, 2019

December – Open Theme, Non-judged

Artist Bring In December 4, 2019

Opening Reception December 7, 2019

2020 Paso Robles Art Association Exhibits

January – Patterns

Jan 3 - Jan 29

Bring-in Thursday Jan 2*

Opening Reception Jan 4

Pick-up Jan 29

February – We Are Not Alone

Jan 30 - Mar 4

Bring-in Jan 29

Opening Reception Feb 1

Pick-up Mar 4

March – Natural Forces

Mar 5 - Apr 1

Bring-in Mar 4

Opening Reception Mar 7

Pick-up Apr 1

April – Blast to the Past

Apr 2 - Apr 29

Bring-in Apr 1

Opening Reception Apr 4

Pick-up Apr 29

May – Textures of Light

Apr 30 - Jun 3

Bring-in Apr 29

Opening Reception May 2

Pick-up Jun 3

June – Coastal Attitudes

Jun 4 - Jul 1

Bring-in Jun 3

Opening Reception Jun 6

Pick-up Jul 1

July – Primary Colors

Jul 9 - Jul 29

Bring-in Jul 8*

Opening Reception Jul 11*

Pick-up Jul 29

August – Portraits in Nature

 Jul 30 - Sep 2

Bring-in Jul 29

Opening Reception Aug 1

Pick-up Sep 2

September – Shapes & Shades 

Sep 3 – Sep 30

Bring-in Sep 2

Opening Reception Sep 5 

Pick-up Sep 30

October – Spice of Life

Oct 1 – Nov 4

Bring-in Sep 30

Opening Reception Oct 3

Pick-up Nov 4

November – Celebrate

Nov 5 – Dec 2

Bring-in Nov 4

Opening Reception Nov 7

Pick-up Dec 2

December – Open Theme, Non-Judged

Dec 3 – Dec 30

Bring-in Dec 2

Opening Reception Dec 5

Pick-up Dec 30

Show Opening Receptions are the first Saturday of each month from 5pm to 7pm

*Date changes due to SOTP holiday closures


Exhibit Entry Process

All members are invited to exhibit. Our exhibits are judged and ribbons awarded. For more information and entry form, Contact Us. We have three categories for art entry:

• 2D Art: Paintings, Pastels, Drawings, Collage and Mixed Media

• Photography and Digital Art

• 3D Art: Glass, Jewelry, Wood, Fiber Art, Ceramics, Sculpture, Assemblage and Installations

Each artist is allowed two pieces per show; entry fee is $10 per piece. Bring-in and pick-up of art is always from 4pm to 6pm, usually on a Wednesday. If the front door on Pine Street is locked, please come to the yellow door at the rear entrance to the Studios on the Park building on Railroad St. Opening reception for each new exhibit is usually on the first Saturday of the month at 5pm to 7pm; we then continue with Art After Dark Paso hosted by

Studios on the Park at 6pm.

Art After Dark Paso

The Paso Robles Art Association celebrates Art After Dark Paso, a fun tradition of art, wine, and live music-filled evenings on the first Saturday of every month! Located within Studios on the Park, we are one of the many galleries open to welcome visitors. 


Art Beyond Our Walls

In addition to our services and events at our main gallery within Studios on the Park, the Paso Robles Art Association manages the Art Beyond Our Walls program, art exhibits in local businesses that showcase the art of our members. Exhibits change every 2 months throughout the year.


Currently, the Association manages two Art Beyond Our Walls locations, both in Paso Robles, CA. 


Location One:

The Odyssey World Café 

1214 Pine St. Paso Robles, CA.

Visit the restaurant for the delicious homemade cuisine and bring home original works created by our Central Coast artists.


Location Two:

Rahman Law 

Granary Building 

1111 Riverside Ave. Paso Robles, CA.

The work of our artists is showcased in their offices.


Guidelines for artists submitting artwork for the Art Beyond Our Walls program will vary according to the specific requirements of each business proprietor. For questions or more information, contact our Art Beyond Our Walls Coordinator at (805) 712-4555, and not the Business Proprietor.